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You'll Learn How to:

  • Interpret your crucial Google Core Vitals score.
  • Use HTML markup to own the search results.
  • Raise your content game to a whole new level.
  • Survive the upcoming Feb. ’22 Page Experience update.
  • Thrive as Google transforms its results algorithm.

Google owns nearly 80% of search activity. Organic SEO delivers ROI up to 5.5x greater than paid ads. Pair these facts and you’ll see why winning the #1 position on the SERP is so important.

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Meet our Speaker

Nik Rajpal
VP of Marketing Sciences - EXCLUSIVE
In his 14 years with EXCLUSIVE, Nik has held several pivotal roles from defining and growing our organic search department to building out our sale efforts. He has crafted thousands of custom marketing plans for eCommerce brands that end up seeing tremendous growth. Nothing makes him happier than helping others succeed.

Benefit from 25 Years of eCommerce Growth Experience

EXCLUSIVE webinars are a mainstay of the eCommerce community and have delivered unparalleled growth and profitability for attendees and their companies. Our 10-time inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list tells you why eCommerce leaders choose EXCLUSIVE, build relationships with our people, and trust us to grow their businesses. Join us to experience the EXCLUSIVE advantage.