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Success Stories

YouTube advertising is teeming with power and there is no audience it cannot reach and no metric on which it cannot deliver. You just have to know what you want to achieve and employ a solid strategy created by experts.

With that on your side, you can crush revenue, RoAS,  impressions, clicks, conversions. new-customer acquisitions, store visits. and any other goal you set.

In this collection of just a few of our many video-ads success stories, you’ll see how EXCLUSIVE has helped businesses overachieve — regardless of industry, budget, or metric — using tailored strategies. Highlights include: 

  • How one sporting goods brand used video for pre-holiday top-of-funnel filling, then ran the top performers for massive Cyber5 conversions generating $45K.
  • How in February 2020 alone, one beauty brand's video ads generated 1.12 million impressions (+260% MoM) and 367K views (+262% MoM).
  • More wins for every metric that matters!