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The eCommerce funnel is saturated in metrics, many of them irrelevant and misleading. Cut through the noise and the vanity data with the metrics that not only display performance but drive it.

In this webinar replay and slides presented by EXCLUSIVE, BigCommerce, and Klaviyo, you'll learn:

  • The only 10 marketing metrics that truly drive revenue
  • How to interpret the data without drowning in it
  • Methods for increasing conversion rates
  • Ways to retain customers and create loyalty
  • How to define success, measure it, achieve it – for B2B & B2C
Nik Rajpal
Nik Rajpal
VP of Marketing Sciences, EXCLUSIVE
In his 13 years with EXCLUSIVE, Nik has held several pivotal roles from defining and growing our organic search department to building out our sales efforts. He has crafted thousands of custom marketing plans for eCommerce brands that end up seeing tremendous growth. Nothing that makes him happier than helping others succeed.
Halie Adams
Halie Adams
Product Marketing Manager, BigCommerce
In her role, Halie strives to understand and advocate for what merchants need in order to run successful online businesses. She has spoken to thousands of merchants and has collaborated with agencies, tech partners, and in-house resources to ensure that merchants get the most value from their online stores.
Lizzie Nirenberg
Lizzie Nirenberg
Partner Marketing Manager, Klaviyo
Lizzie has been brightening Klaviyo for more than two years. She loves finding unique ways to promote the value of partnerships to customers and industry experts. When not dreaming up eCommerce content, Lizzie enjoys reflecting on past travels and enjoys time spent with her chocolate Labrador, Maisie.